Imagine Generating the Chords of your Favorite Songs Instantly.

CHORD RECOGNITION: See which chords are part of any song.
AUDIO FILE: Identify chords from an audio file
YOUTUBE SONG: Identify chords from a YouTube song
CHORD PROGRESSION: Our AI reveals the chord progressions from your favorite musics.
UNLIMITED USE: Use as much as you want, whenever you need
TYPES OF CHORDS: Our AI recognizes all possible chord types.
NEW FEATURES: We are creating new features frequently to help you more and more.


Online Chord Recognition

Generate chords for your songs with Artificial Intelligence.

Music Chord Identifier, Chord Song Finder, Guitar Chord Identification by Sound

Expand your musical knowledge and increase your playing experience with Chord Detection Identifier. Our smart chord finder recognizes chords in real time for any song, making learning, practicing and even creating new arrangements effortless.

Access data is sent instantly to your email.

Load any Song

You can load any song from Youtube, audio files and much more.

Chord Recognition

guitar chord identification is a tool that recognize chords with artificial intellinge for any song all music instruments, link piano, ukulele, and much more.


This chord recognition tool can be used for any music style. It will recognize the chords and also generate the lyrics of the song. 

Example Chord Recognition 1

Example Chord Recognition 2

This is a tool to recognize chords instantly. Music Chord Identifier is a tool that came to facilitate the creation of song chords in an automated and intelligent way.

- You will be able to recognize chords from unlimited songs
- Access by sending instantly to your email
- Learn Musics Faster - Quickly have chords for any songs for practice.
- Music Analyzer - Analyze each song sound and progressions.
- Transcrition Download - Convert recordings to transcritions charts for download and notation.
- and much more. - Easy and modern interface

How it Works?

The functioning in chord recognition starts from a large learning database. This database contains all possible styles and types of music so that chord generation is extremely accurate. Basically you choose an audio file and the platform will process and estimate which are the chords contained in the audio. See the steps below:

  1. CHOOSE AUDIO - First choose the audio that will be recognized the chords. This audio can be a local file or a Youtube URL.
  2. CHORD PROCESSING - Wait a few seconds for our tool to recognize the chords through artificial intelligence. The accuracy and hit rate is over 90%. We guarantee high quality by generating the correct chords for any type of music.
  3. HAVE FUN - The third and final step is to visualize the chords that have been recognized in your song. Now you can play with your musical instrument, use it for studies, training and much more.

Examples of chord detection and recognition

Chord Detector by Sound

You will have access to the online chord detector tool and you will be able to recognize chords from audios and also from youtube in an unlimited way. unique and exclusive tool!

Chord Song Finder - Online Chord Recognition

As a musician, identifying chords quickly and accurately is an essential skill. Whether you're reading sheet music or playing by ear, recognizing chords is crucial for creating a cohesive and enjoyable sound. Fortunately, chord identification and recognition apps can help you with this task. In this post, we'll explore what chord progression identifier apps and chord recognition apps are, and how they can help you as a musician. 

What is a Online Chord Recognition Web App?

A Chord detector online has 2 days free app is a tool that helps musicians identify chords in a piece of music. These apps use algorithms to analyze the notes in a piece of music and determine which chords are being played. Once the app has identified the chords, it can display them on the screen or play them back to the user.

Chord progression identifier apps are useful for musicians of all skill levels. Beginners can use these apps to identify chords in their favorite songs and learn how to play them. More experienced musicians can use these apps to analyze complex chord progressions and create their own music.

What is a Chord Recognition App?

A chord recognition app is a tool that helps musicians recognize chords in real-time. These apps use the microphone on a mobile device to listen to the music being played and identify the chords. Once the app has identified the chords, it can display them on the screen or play them back to the user.

Chord recognition apps are useful for musicians who are playing live or practicing with a band. By using a chord recognition app, you can quickly identify the chords being played and adjust your playing accordingly. This can help you stay in sync with the rest of the band and create a cohesive sound.

Features Chords Processing

Achieving chord recognition in songs with greater accuracy is possible with our platform. We use advanced learning models to bring you the best musical result.
Our artificial intelligence models have been trained with thousands of songs, so you can generate chords for any musical style.

The accuracy in music processing is high, it only takes a few seconds for you to have chord transcription available beyond the human level.
Chord Identifiel can recognize most common chords, as well as minor, major, sharp, flat, augmented, seventh, new, diminished, inverted, sus4, su2 and many others. In the premium version you will be able to enjoy all the powerful features of this incredible tool, you can generate chords for as many songs as you want, with no usage limit.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover how to automatically recognize chords for your favorite songs
For music students, beginners, intermediate or advanced musicians, this tool can be incredibly effective, being able to generate chords for songs in audio files or audio url on Youtube.

Those who work with music are also benefited, being able to gain time by generating music chords for their students, and also those who practice music in general, for instruments that use chords in particular, such as paino, guitar, electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, viola, and many others.

Then it is possible through an innovative tool to automatically recognize chords in any type of music, for the instrument you play. You still have the guarantee of high precision in the generation of acodes, as we use advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, trained with thousands of songs, making the result high quality.

Chord Recognition for Any Instrument

Recognized Chord Types

This tool for chords recognition gives you a way to generate chords that have a detailed set of notes and other chords contained in the analyzed song.

The Web App contains countless types of chords: major, minor, augmented, diminished, seventh chords (m7b5, 7#5, 7, maj7, 7b5, , dim7, m7, m(maj7)) nova chords, tenth chords first, 13th chords, sixth and suspended chords.

On this platform you will be able to recognize chords for any type of instrument, such as piano, guitar, acoustic guitar and many others. The chord is generated in a few seconds, you can try our online guitar note identifier tool, which allows you to recognize chords using audio that can be from any type of music.

Instructions: Upload the audio or enter the Youtube URL; The order of the chords is according to the music (keeping within the analyzed harmonic field, being simple, intermediate or advanced);

If you have any doubts, don't worry, as this is a safe tool, with a reliable environment, advanced AI techniques, secure data, stability in use, all of this to bring you the broadest and most accurate results in music analysis.

Why did we develop Chord Detector and Guitar Chord Identification?

Playing good music is amazing, and music lovers, students, teachers and composers alike have a keen interest in the effects music has on their lives.

We saw that many people need this help in their musical day to day. Songs are released practically every day, countless hours of songs heard on streaming platforms, playing at parties, events, churches, concerts, but often the chord sequence of many songs is not found.

So to help people who love music, we created this tool which is very effective to identify any kind of chord or progression in any song.

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